Home Theater Speakers – Fit Them Perfectly Into Your Room And Budget

Having the right kind of a speaker system for your home theater, which features a proper sound output, correct size, and fitting aesthetics can truly bring your entire home theater room in one aesthetically cohesive piece. When looking for the most appropriate audio speakers, make sure to take into account the dimensions of your room, the size of the speaker setup, the number of speakers you intend to use, as well as how much you are prepared to spend. Also, you may also want to think about some more aesthetic items, such as the speaker placements.

Things to consider when buying floorstanding home speakers

Room size

r4t54y5trhtegWhen it comes to finding the right home speakers, your starting point should be to measure and analyze the size of your room. Make sure to take a detailed look at how much available space you have and proceed by doing accurate calculations about the exact number of speaker units you will be able to fit and their placement. For example, if your home theater room is a very large one, you should try to place the units as high as possible. Or, you can opt for some of the best floorstanding speakers, which are specifically designed for big, home theater setups.

Smaller rooms

On the other hand, if your room is smaller and you don’t have plenty of available space, you can also go with the floorstanding speakers, albeit some smaller models. Placing the speakers on the floor will decrease the number of echoes and allow you to align your entire system much easier. If you are worried about dealing with the potential clutter that floorstanding speakers may cause, you can opt for in-wall units, which will provide a great quality of sound from all corners of the room.

Speaker size

Next up, take into consideration the size of the speakers themselves. Every speaker type, whether it is side, front or subwoofer, can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Their sizes usually depend on how they will be mounted, the type of their application and the quality of sound. Large-sized speakers will give you a deeper and richer sound, but that sound may not be appropriate or necessary for the layout and the size of your home theater room.

When it comes to the small-sized speakers, keep in mind that reputable manufacturers are constantly striving to improve the audio quality of their smaller speaker units. If you have a smaller room, you can still get a high level of sound quality, even with small units. Also, do not forget to take into account the size of the in-wall speakers as well, if you prefer them.

The number of units

ertydfdgrt54Last, but not least, consider the number of speaker units your home theater room needs. You can find various lines from different brands that feature three, five, seven or nine-unit configuration. If you are unsure about the most appropriate configuration, try consulting with a custom installer or a home audio technician about the best proportions and most suitable configurations.


Once considered luxurious and prestigious, home theater speakers have become within reach of many people these days. They can be found in a wide range of models and prices, suitable for any budget. Whether you are an audiophile or someone who just wants to improve their audio experience, you can be sure you will find something for your budget and taste.