At first, Apple and Android were on each other’s neck, competing to produce the best tablet for the then young tablet market. Tablets were first designed to perform light computational tasks, like office operations and watching movies, things that were traditionally reserved for computers. While the aforementioned companies continued to lead in the field, Microsoft had something new cooking in their labs. They later announced their tablet line of products, and it was amazing. Finally, people could get the full PC experience on a tablet, and with equal performance. This changed everything, and for sure, everyone is looking to get one as soon as possible. If you are one of these people that are looking to buy a Windows tablet, then this guide is for you.

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Fan-less or with fan

If you are an avid laptop user, you must have encountered those noisy fans that are just annoying, yet without them, our computers would overheat and become useless. However, tablet manufacturers have come up with interesting ways to cool the tablets without the use of a fan. Though, you will find some tablets, still using fans, simply because they are still the best way to cool electronics. It all comes down to the amount of work you will be doing on your tablet. If you will just be typing documents and streaming videos, there is no need to buy a tablet with a fan, but if you are executing heavy tasks with your tablet, better get one with a fan.


Tablets are designed to be small, compact and minimalistic, which is exactly what makes people attracted to them. However, there are connections that might be very important to you, for example, if you need to use a flash drive, then it would be better to get a Windows tablet that has USB ports to support that. Make sure to consider tablets that come with a detachable base, which in most cases, have all sorts of ports to facilitate your connections.


It always comes down to size, when buying a Winknsdlkvnksndvlksndvlknsdvsdvsdvdows tablet. You need to get a tablet that easily fits in your backpack or handbag, and light to your specifications. For instance, if you use it to type notes in class or a meeting, it should be small enough so that you can carry it along with your books. Windows tablets come in all sizes so that you can be sure to get one that is perfect for you.